GENiE Smart Factory is a data driven manufacturing intelligence which combines Industrial IoT, SaaS and Machine Learning Technologies. It contributes to the reduction of production waste, increase energy savings and optimizes manpower utilization. GENiE also empowers decision making by providing predictive maintenance to reduce unexpected machine failure and its accurate data logging leads to transparency in reporting, thus eliminating manual recording.

Real Time Information

GENiE stays competitive and one step ahead by disseminating accurate and reliable information in real time to all levels in an organization; be it the working levels or the top management.

Predictive Alerts

With Artificial Intelligence, GENiE features predictive maintenance to prevent an unplanned breakdown. This will increase process efficiency, safety and boost quality while minimizing risk in factories.

Analytic Intelligence

GENiE’s Intelligence Analytics with its machine learning algorithm provides predictive root cause identification that will save energy and optimize resources.

Giving you the technological advantage to stay ahead

GENiE obtains real process values and parameters of your operations. It comes from data acquisition, aggregating, analysing and sharing. This data is extrapolated and translated into a user-friendly dashboard interface to allow continuous tracking of processes or machinery

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