Publication Source: APMEN Asia

Galactic Advanced Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd has launched its cloud-based process intelligent solution—GENiE Smart Factory Solution, which aims to increase adoption of smart manufacturing practices in Malaysia and the region.

“Malaysian manufacturers need to embrace technology and be competitive worldwide. We can no longer be dependent on labour intensive manufacturing practices. It is essential for manufacturers especially SMEs to leverage on cyber-physical systems and cloud-based data to make informed business decision in order to increase productivity,” said Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), during the launch. He hopes to work with the company to support Malaysia manufacturers in taking steps towards Industry 4.0.

GENiE Smart Factory Solution enables better decision making on the production floor through data analytics, by obtaining real process values and parameters of production operations. The solution address common problems encountered by manufacturers such as under-utilisation of machinery, production wastage, unpredicted down time risks and high usage of energy.

“It is a scalable investment to improve operations and more importantly to reduce downtime and financial losses from production interruptions. The savings from energy utilisation, reduction of wastage and better yield from the machines can be seen within months,” said Sakhtivel Narayanasamy, CEO of Galactic Advanced Engineering.

He is optimistic about the government’s commitment and efforts in driving adoption of Industry 4.0: “There has been much concept talk about Industry 4.0 and its power to revolutionise but we believe these concepts can be converted into applicable solutions like the GENiE Smart Factory that enables an innovative shift in manufacturing operations for the next three years.”

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